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NEW: AYTools for Windows

Download v0.1 here - Readme.txt included

CoPaCabana is a new Amstrad CPC emulator.


PalmOS :

Currently only the following devices are supported: Tungsten T, T2, T3, T5, TX, C, E, Treo 650, Zire71, 72, LifeDrive, a number of Clie devices: UX50, TJ35, NX70, NX73, NZ90, TG50, TJ25, TH55. On other devices, it will accept to run but no guarantee is provided that it works. It could even force a Reset. Use it at your own risk and don't forget to backup (HotSync) your data before using it. If you see the "Unsupported Device" dialog when starting, please let me know your Device ID and whether it works on it or not.

We are currently working on a MacOSX version and a PocketPC version. Details will be provided later.

Please see Readme.txt in the archive for details / how to use.

CoPaCabana is free. Use it, distribute it, and have fun.
It's free for you but it still represents some work and effort for us.
If you had good time with it and want to support or encourage future versions, you can make a donation on PayPal (see URLs below). I don't expect a lot of money but if this pays a good restaurant to people who worked on it, that would be nice. Thanks in advance.
Use email address:

Disk images
You can find many games disk images on The Amstrad CPC Games Resource on EmuUnlim.

Visit CPCZone for other emulators and great links about Amstrad CPC computers.

Send any questions, suggestions, comments, congratulations :-) about CoPaCabana to Régis Nicolas
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